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14k solid gold bracelets For women.    Click on the picture or the underlined description.

Ark_s.jpg (2051 bytes)   More_Fancies bracelets.   (2 styles)

Bam_s.jpg (2049 bytes)    14k_Couture bracelets. (2 styles)

Tg1.jpg (1177 bytes)  Yellow and White 14K gold fancy bracelets.

Sea-1s.jpg (3009 bytes)     Sealife: four ocean inspired designs.

hgs.jpg (1678 bytes)      Hugs 'N Kisses:  Bracelets and necklaces in this popular design.

Angl-1s.jpg (2155 bytes)     Critter_Bangle: Or little angels, if you prefer.

Sunmn_s.jpg (2017 bytes)      The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars.

Fancy 3:  14k yellow gold fancy bracelets for women.

Panther #1: Women's panther bracelets. 

Panther #2: Panther bracelets and necklaces for women.

Two Tone:   Several styles in white and yellow 14k gold.

Woven_Bangles Bracelets and necklaces: 14k yellow gold, with   satin or shiny links alternating. Several widths, 7" and 8" bracelets, 17" necklaces.

Cleopatra bracelets for women. A popular flexible bangle bracelet.


KN1   Women's square knot bracelet. 14K yellow gold, 7" long, .25" at the widest
point, (9.25 Gr. average weight) 

    Knot2.jpg (13649 bytes)

HT1   Chain of hearts. A little longer than most bracelets for women, the
HT1 is 8" in length. Average weight a shade over 10 grams of 14K
yellow gold. 

Ht1.jpg (6499 bytes)

Ht2.jpg (6399 bytes)

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