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We accept these credit cards, and postal money orders. No cash or personal checks, please. 

Verified PayPal users can now pay for their purchases with a direct balance transfer. PayPal debits your bank account, and credits ours, without the need to share your personal information. It's faster than a personal check, and safer than using a debit card. E-mail us for details.

To order online,  You will need to know the model number of the item you wish to order, the length you want (if appropriate) and the price. 

Suggestion: The record high price of gold, the weak dollar and the generally poor state of the economy are forcing many of our suppliers out of business. We suggest you write to us at contact@atlanticdirect.com and check the availability of your item before placing your order.


To order by mail or fax, press the following button. Then print, fill out and return the order form.


We value your privacy!  Everything we ask on our order forms is used only to help us process your order. We will never send unwanted E-mail advertising, and we will never share or sell our customer information.

We do not store your personal information on any computer connected to the internet. A hacker can't steal what isn't there.

For information on orders to be sent out of the U.S., click here.

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