Fine 14k gold imported Bismark chains. High quality, hand polished, and plated with a thin layer of 24k gold to enhance their appearance.

Flat Vs. Round Styles: Some gold chain styles are flattened in order to increase their surface area. In this manner more of the gold you pay for is put where it is visible. Other styles, such as anchor chains, wheat chains, rope chains, bead chains, box chains, snake chains, figaro chains, Etc. have more depth. The thicker designs look narrower, but feel better. It's all a matter of taste. 

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Gold chains
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MODEL WIDTH Gr./In.* 7" 8" 10" 16" 18" 20" 24"
BIZ 035 2.9mm 0.27  $  87.39  $  99.88  $124.85  $199.76  $224.72  $249.69  $299.63
BIZ 050 3.7mm 0.38  $121.01    $172.87    $311.16  $345.73  
BIZ 4 6.0mm 0.53  $168.06  $192.07    $384.14  $432.16  $480.18  

* Average weight. Actual weight may vary.
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14k, solid gold chains. Made in Europe, hand finished in New York.
Anchor - Bead chains - Bismark - Box chains - Concave Cuban - Concave Mariner - Curb link - Figaro chains - Figarucci - RopeWheatWhite Gold Snakes- Milano Rope - Figaro White Pave - Light Figaro - Popcorn chains- Snake chains

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