1.   Do you sell Wholesale?

Yes and no. All items on this web site are discounted, but the amount you save depends largely on what you order. Larger items generally offer larger discounts (up to 65% off regular store prices).

For example, a bracelet that sells for $250 on our web site, would likely sell for $500 to $600 in your local stores. On the other hand, a chain that sells on our site for $25, might sell for the same amount, or even less, at your local store, after the shipping charges have been figured in.

2.   Are these pictures life size?

Probably not. The size and resolution of your monitor determine the size of the images you see. No web site can guarantee that the images will be life size on every machine. That's why we give the measurements of the jewelry next to it's picture.

3.   How much is....?

In an attempt to avoid confusion, we post our lowest prices clearly on each page. Compare them to a jewelry store near you, and you'll find that they're about half of what a jewelry store's regular prices are. We do not negotiate prices. It would be unfair to our other customers.

4.   Why don't you have an 800 number?

To begin with, 99% of our customers are online to begin with. For them, ordering directly over the internet is a lot more convenient. Aside from which, customers who use the order pages are presented with the option to review all of Atlantic Direct's policies before placing an order. Finally, not having a toll free number means we don't need 24 hour a day, seven day a week, staff to answer that phone. The saving to us, is passed along to our customers in the form of lower prices.

5.   Do you offer free shipping?

There's no such thing. Somebody's paying the shipper, they won't work free. Either the business owners are paying out of their own pocket (yeah, right!), or they've just raised their prices enough to pay the shipping. Worse, since some customers will abuse this "free shipping", the prices will be raised enough to cover these additional losses too. That means you actually pay more than you would otherwise.

We collect only enough from each customer to cover the cost of shipping their own merchandise. No more, no less. 

6.  What are your shipping and handling charges?

Our standard shipping is via U.S.P.S. 2 Day Priority Mail service. The rates for which are as follows:

For orders of $1 to $100, shipping is $8.75. for each additional hundred dollars in order size, $1 is added to the shipping, to cover the additional insurance.

Example: For an order of $97.49, the shipping is $8.75. For an order of $297.49, the shipping is $10.75.

Our handling charge is a 6% order processing fee, already included in the price of the item.

7.   When will my order arrive?

Many orders ship within 24 hours, but there are exceptions. Gold chains, for example, take longer, because each chain we sell is finished and polished to your order, just before shipping. This extra step takes extra time, but is well worthwhile. Please allow one week for delivery on all items.

More than 90% of our orders  ship within two business days

Our standard shipping method is by USPS 2 Day Priority Mail. 

8.   Would I receive my order on the next day if I requested Express Shipping?

Not a chance. Express shipping only reduces the shipping time (usually from two days to one). Processing the order, getting it ready to ship, takes just as long.

9.   I work. Can I have my order delivered to my work address?

Yes. Either pay by postal money order, or contact your credit card's customer service, and set up an alternate delivery address. Full instructions on how to do so, are on our order form.

If you aren't home when the package arrives, the letter carrier will bring it back to the Post Office, where you can collect it at your convenience, or arrange to have it redelivered at a more convenient time. We can even target Saturday delivery, if you request it on the order form.

10.   Can I return my purchase if I'm not satisfied?

Absolutely. As long as our tags have not been removed, and the jewelry is in new, undamaged, unaltered condition, you have a full 15 days to change your mind. Bear in mind, however, that shipping and handling charges are not refundable, unless the return is the result of an error on our part.

11.   Can I have an item engraved?

No. For obvious reasons, we cannot accept returns on engraved items. For this reason, we do not offer this service. We feel it is far better for you to have the opportunity to examine your purchase before making it non-returnable.

12.  Can I have an item custom sized?

The answer to this question is the same as the preceding one. Once altered, no item of jewelry can be returned, so it is far better to actually see it first, and have alterations made locally.

13.   I live in Botsuavia. Can I order from Atlantic Direct?

  For the latest information regarding international orders, click here.

15.   How do I order by mail?

Visit our orders page, where our various ordering options are explained, and click the Mail / Fax button. Print the order form, and send it to us by U.S. Mail, or by Fax. Payment options include postal money orders, certified check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. We cannot accept cash as payment. 

Mail Orders To:

Atlantic Direct / Goldzilla
P.O. Box 150055
Kew Gardens, NY  11415-0055


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